READNATION AFTER SCHOOL SUPPORT is located in Aventura, Florida. We are opening our doors to welcome students from all around South Florida. We are here to provide the necessary support for kids that are struggling in the classroom. Sometimes, due to time constraint and curricular expectations, teachers have to finish one unit and move on to the next before every student in the classroom has mastered the prerequisite content for the next lesson. Before you know it, a gap is created and it quickly grows. That is why we created READNATION AFTER SCHOOL SUPPORT, a program designed to provide high-quality individual attention, so students can master their skills up to or above grade level.

With a comprehensive curriculum following the Florida Standards from grades PK-12th, we offer individualized guidance in order to meet the unique needs of each student.

Building strong foundations will boost academic success and satisfactory results in National and State Testing.

With the current situation, READNATION is offering both in person and online tutoring, through Zoom.

We invite you to try our program and schedule a FREE ASSESSMENT!!

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How Does It Work

Assessment: In order to have great readers, writers, and mathematicians we need to build strong foundations. That is why the first step is assessing your child´s individual learning needs. This is the starting point for any kid at READNATION.

  • Language Arts: We evaluate reading comprehension and strategies, vocabulary, and grammar as well as writing and handwriting skills
  • Mathematics: We evaluate numbers and operations, algebraic thinking, fractions, geometry, measurements, statistics, and probability

Customized Learning Plan: After knowing the student´s individual needs, we create a dynamic and fun learning plan, using top-notch technology that addresses those specific gaps in order to meet or exceed their grade level.

Learning plan in action: Kids can come in any or every weekday for one to two hours for an individual meeting with a tutor. We follow the personalized learning plan and make sure to track every single skill that is being practiced and mastered in our meetings.

Making progress: We measure progress monthly by providing parents with a detailed progress and growth report, including your child´s strength as well as the gaps.

Our Programs

Reading and Language Arts

For all grade levels from PK-12th grade, our primary focus is to fill in the gaps in reading comprehension and strategies, vocabulary, writing, and grammar skills. If your child is having difficulties in any of these areas, we provide an effective personalized program that will cover from the essential content on to more difficult skills. Our goal is not only to reach grade level but also exceed grade-level expectations. This way, we know our students will build strong foundations for future learning while increasing their confidence in themselves. 


We provide personalized learning programs for mathematics. It is broken down into different categories including: numbers and operations, algebra and algebraic thinking, fractions, geometry, measurements, and statistics and probability. We strive to help students succeed in mathematics with the use of math manipulatives to provide hands-on learning opportunities for students of all ages. Mathematics is used within child´s everyday lives and crucial to their success beyond the classroom. We push to help students feel confident while improving their skills in all possible areas.

Handwriting Program

Nowadays, with technology, we forget about our handwriting skills. That is why READNATION has designed a fun, engaging and tailored instructional plan to enable children to master handwriting. This PK-5th grade program will allow students to write quickly, easily, and neatly in every subject. It provides multisensory teaching strategies, unique letter order, style, as well as line success.

Homework Support/Test Prep

We know that homework is a big factor in our children educational process, but sometimes it can turn to a problem. In READNATION, we are here to provide the necessary tools to make our students thrive in their learning process. Students from all grades can access individualized tutoring by bringing their own worksheets and books from all class subjects, like Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, or Science. We will make sure to guide them through each learning step by teaching strategies on how to become more efficient in their homework process. Additionally, we offer help with individual testing from any subject. Students can come with books or studies guides that will be used to prepare them for their upcoming tests and quizzes.

Standardized Test Prep

Our program includes support for the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) and SAT-10 for the primary grades. We also provide secondary grades with SAT and ACT test preparation. We teach the proper skills to face these state and national tests with confidence through a personalized guide that follows the state and national testing guidelines. Students are able to reach their full potential during their testing season by implementing testing strategies into each individual lesson.


Learning a second language enables us to develop various mental abilities at all ages. It boosts our brainpower, improves memory and enhances the ability to multi-task. This PK-12th learning plan will allow your child to learn the foundations for Spanish while communicating effectively and learning the necessary vocabulary and grammar skills.


Chess is not only a great game for kids of all ages but also offers many positive benefits. It is known for helping raise your kid´s IQ while also increasing a kid’s problem-solving skills, creativity, and concentration of your child. The game also allows your kid to improve their memory and learn about planning and creating strategies for their next moves, whether in the game or in real life. Which is why we at READNATION are proud to offer chess for kids of all ages.

Computer Competency

In the age of technology, having an introduction to computer usage and all Microsoft Office applications is an incredible experience for a kid. At READNATION, we are introducing kids of all ages to computer usage, such as using the internet and creating a document. On top of that, we will also present Microsoft Office applications, mainly Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The kids will learn how to create their own presentation, documents, and charts. This will advance their knowledge for future school activities.


Drawing helps develop manipulative skills, that assist children to write. It also teaches your child important lessons that will boost their confidence as they progress. They could also learn that with persistence and practice, they can improve their skills, making them self-assured as they age. Furthermore, drawing teaches children to make decisions, improve visual and perceptual skills, enhances creativity, fine motor skills and color recognition and hues. At READNATION, we are committed to teaching our students, and have them learn all the foundational skills, improve concentration, and manual dexterity while enjoying their drawing class.


19110 West Dixie Highway, Miami

5.0 27 reviews

  • Avatar Marbeliz Guillen Cano ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    This is what are you looking for. Best place ever!
  • Avatar Jorgelina Amaranto ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    I love this place!!! I have my little one 6 years and my big son 13 years old. They both love going to READNATION and me too!! Because since the very first day they started, they have helped me a lot with my boys academic growth! And … More specially, because Im a single mom and I work all day, they come home with all the homework done and ready to rest. I highly recommend them. They are impeccable and all the tutors are super professional and warm. The owner is always there and extremely detailed: Excellent option for children all ages.
  • Avatar Meredith Gillis ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I have been coming here for years. This place is amazing. My son has gone up in his levels as far as his education.
    The tutors here are well trained and they know exactly how to be patient with the kids. When you come to Read Nation,
    … More the owner, Veronica gives your child an assessment to see what level your child is at and then has one of the tutors work with them.
    You will be so happy with your child’s results at the end of the year.
  • Avatar PePeePops ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    My two high schoolers boys go there and I’m sooo happy!! They are doing Math and Language Arts and they went up their level at school 🙏🏼
    They are so clean and take care of any detail... Thank you so much READNATION.
    I recommend this place
    … More 100%.
  • Avatar Maite Merino ★★★★★ a year ago
    This is by far the best decision we have ever made in regards to academics! My son enjoys his sessions and his improvement has been gigantic. The place is super clean, with a wonderful fresh look, but what really makes it stand out is its … More warm and welcoming environment (so uncommon to find in Miami and surrounding areas). The owner is amazing, and well as the rest of the staff...and everything in just one place, without the rush, so convenient!!
  • Avatar Julia Cooper ★★★★★ a year ago
    This is such a wonderful place. Has helped my niece immensly with her early education. Would recommend to anyone.
  • Avatar Agnieszka Piotrowicz ★★★★★ a year ago
    My daughter loves coming to ReadNation. The owner is amazing, very friendly and helpful. My daughter likes all the teachers and she started being more confident in Math. ReadNation filled in all the gaps she had in math and also I don’t … More have to worry about doing homework with her anymore. She always leaves with a smile on her face. Thank you ReadNation
  • Avatar Tam ★★★★★ a year ago
    Im having a great experience, the owner is super professional, warm with the kids, and she has everything very organized. You have to have persistence and assist at least 3 times a week to notice a result.

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